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Issues At VG Mini Hospital Will Be Fixed -Wheatley

Issues At VG Mini Hospital Will Be Fixed -Wheatley

The government is aware of the issues being faced at the Nurse Iris O’Neal Medical Centre on Virgin Gorda (VG), according to Ninth District Representative Hon. Vincent Wheatley.
The Natural Resources and Labour Minister assured that the issues will be addressed however, he said he was heartbroken with the comments made by the Opposition Leader Hon. Marlon Penn on the matter.

“I saw a story the other day, it really, really broke my heart because I didn’t see where it was necessary. There was a story I think I saw it on Platinum News…I think he was on his radio show, and he was talking about the needs of the Virgin Gorda clinic which is excellent,” he said on September 9 in the House of Assembly.

He added, “my hope is that when the leader comes to the Ninth District…you not only find things that have not been done and I appreciate you pointing out to me what I already know, that the clinic has challenges.”

“But we shall fix it, it shall be addressed,” the minister assured.

During the National Democratic Party (NDP) radio programme on September 6, Hon. Penn said residents have reached out to him concerning the operation of the medical centre. He said over a year following a grand pomp and ceremony and it is still not fully functional.

Meanwhile, Minister Wheatley also took a jab at Hon. Penn where he stated that the condition of the Eight District is deplorable.

“But the same way you come to my district I hope you see other things beside what has not been done. Hope you see all the government buildings have been repaired and public officers no longer have to work in moldy dilapidated buildings since 2017. Hope you also see the primary schools being repaired, hope you also noticed the basketball courts being repaired,” he said.

The Ninth District Representative continued, "hope you see how clean the ninth district is because on my way to Trellis Bay sometimes I ask myself where I am driving through. Persons coming to the BVI must drive through the Eight District before they get to other districts…It’s not a good sight…so follow the Ninth District also and keep the place clean.”

Hon. Carvin Malone, Minister of Health also spoke about the issues at the VG mini hospital.

“We spent over $5M, $6M andI have been continually telling them we cannot spend this kind of money and not have it fully operational. Were we impeded by the lockdowns? the answer is yes. We still have other areas in the fire protection area that I am being told that has to be finalized in order for us to move in substantially,” he explained.

The minister said there are several equipment which are being put in place.

“The urgent care part of this is a must. In fact, up to yesterday, the [Premier] said to me 'your colleague in the Ninth is being attacked because we have to get the urgent care, we have to ensure the monies that we have expended on the particular unit, we have it up and running',” the Health Minister stated.

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