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JOMA Properties Ltd maintenance team benefit from customised training from HLSCC

JOMA Properties Ltd maintenance team benefit from customised training from HLSCC

JOMA Properties Ltd in conjunction with H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) Workforce Training Division, Centre for Professional Development and Community Education, completed an intensive 3-month training for their Maintenance Team.

The training covered three areas of concentration, Basic Carpentry, Basic Plumbing, and Basic Electrical.

Aim of training

The aim of the workshop series was to orient participants with basic techniques supplemented with practical skills to help the participants become more proficient in their field. The immersive, hands-on experience was augmented with demonstrations where participants had to display their practical knowledge and skill of the concepts being taught. Participants were assessed and evaluated in the following areas:

1. Degree of Skill

2. Selection of Tools

3. Speed in Use of Tools

4. Instruction Needed

5. Work Ethic

6. Degree of Safety

7. Knowledge of Terms and Content

Pushed beyond comfort zone

Participants were pushed beyond their comfort zone and excelled at all levels as they competently demonstrated the objectives as set out by the customised curriculum.

Kudos to JOMA’s management team who from the inception supported their employees and demonstrated their commitment towards propelling and enhancing productivity and fostering higher morale.

According to Dr Arlene L. Smith-Thompson, HLSCC Vice President, Academic Affairs, “Based on the success of this training initiative, it is the recommendation of the HLSCC Workforce Training Division that JOMA Properties Ltd. considers continuing its developmental training at the intermediate level. The benefits to JOMA include the enhancement of productivity; promotion of standardised procedures and increased employee morale. These are all useful elements in building an effective and efficient workforce.”

HLSCC’S Centre for Professional Development and Community Education (CPDCE) is a self-sustaining and income-generating unit that will provide leadership in addressing the professional development and community education needs of the Territory and by extension, the Caribbean Region. It forms part of the Workforce Training Division at the Community College.


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