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Large events like Old Year’s Night Party will be closely monitored

Large events like Old Year’s Night Party will be closely monitored

With Foxy’s Old Year’s Night Party expected to commence later today, Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Ronald Georges is urging everyone attending to follow the safety protocols established by the Ministry of Health.
The acting CMO said the ministry has been working with party promoters and event coordinators such as Foxy’s to coordinate a safe holiday season.

“At this time, the government is not minded to put restrictions in place which would hamper economic activity. Persons are therefore advised to please avoid all crowds and large gatherings at this time, promotors should heed the advice given to them by the Environmental Health Division and limit the size and duration of their events,” Dr Georges said in an interview with BVI News.

“Large scheduled events will be closely monitored by the Environmental Health Division, and they will be assisted by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force to ensure that existing measures are enforced, and any fines levied on persons who are in breach,” he added.

Dr Georges further said persons must remain vigilant as COVID-19 has not left the territory and will remain for some time.

He noted the latest statistics from the ministry which that show COVID-19 cases have increased yet again and will continue to climb if people do not do their part by taking responsible actions to minimise the threat to ourselves and the economy.

The acting CMO said he noticed multiple social gatherings leading up to the holidays which would have enhanced the spreading of the coronavirus in the community. He said this will only worsen in the ensuing days to weeks if persons continue to congregate and gather in the manner they did in the previous weeks.

“I am very concerned about the continued gatherings and parties where persons are not following the COVID-19 health protocols. They are not wearing masks, and if they are, they are wearing them inappropriately. Persons are not social-distancing. They are not washing their hands or sanitising. Some persons are complacent, and this is not the time for us to let our guard down when the shield needs to be up,” Dr Georges added.

The acting CMO also pleaded with the various media outlets in the territory to use their platforms to help continue to share the message and promote the health and safety protocols.

Foxy’s Old Year’s Night Celebration is an annual party held on Jost Van Dyke and is considered one of the biggest and most popular events in the Caribbean to ring in the new year.

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