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Let’s get back our values!

Let’s get back our values!

It is with great heaviness I write this letter. Being born a BV Islander in the mid-60s, I grew up in a time when respect, self-worth and dignity mattered. Children were children in their homes for there was parental authority in the house, so children grew up understanding authority.
We grew up understanding consequences. If you did good, you were rewarded. When you did bad, it came with consequences. Women were women that prided themselves in character, integrity and pride. Their bodies were precious to them and they treated them as such. Men were good husbands, fathers, providers and protectors. There was a oneness and a willingness to help each other in our family endeavours.

After being away for four decades, I decided to return home and was surprised that most of these values were gone.

Children are no longer children at home for the lack of parental authority so how do we expect them to be children in school? Women are no longer women. They have become sex toys, no longer seeking to become wives but for the love of money settle to flaunt their bodies and degrade themselves. Their standard of child raising and home building has gotten so low that homes no longer exist.

Our women are defined by the shape of their bodies and the size of their buttocks. Our men are no longer providers for home, seeking only after pleasure and surrendering their minds to alcohol and drugs, buying what the women are selling, an imagination created by tight clothes and the shape of a buttock while family is disappearing.

Churches are being attacked and falsely accused to validate them not seeing the truth,h which is I am nowhere close to where God wants me to be. Very few homes (not houses) are being formed and built so our community is dwindling away.

Our values need to be revisited. Our men need to come back to reality to see what is important, that action based on your responsibility to be a Godly man.

Call your women to a new standard to not use their bodies as a degrading toy, cleaving only to their own husbands.

Let’s get back our values!

God Bless!

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