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Lies causing granny and grandpa to blame us for shortage in funds

Lies causing granny and grandpa to blame us for shortage in funds

Premier Andrew Fahie has continued to hit out at the parliamentary Opposition for its alleged falsehoods and innuendo committed against him and his government.

In a recent House of Assembly sitting, Premier Fahie argued that even the elderly were being deceived in the Opposition’s quest for political power.

Premier Fahie, who also serves as the territory’s Finance Minister, accused the Opposition of saying negative things about him which he had been hearing on ‘the street’. One such thing is that his government is allegedly misappropriating funds.

“They (the political Opposition) have their monies for their district allocation that they were putting aside to give to the seniors and rather than telling the seniors that they spent the money on something else and they couldn’t give them their monthly allocation, they told them that the Minister of Finance cut their money and went with the money,“ Premier Fahie alleged.

The Premier said the seniors were then left without their usual money to buy their medication and he was blamed for the problem.

According to the Premier, district allocations were never cut for any of the Opposition members while the territory was experiencing COVID-19 related challenges.

“How could we as a government come in [to the House of Assembly] and don’t respond to some of these things when they have granny and grandpa out there blaming us for the shortage of their money that they were getting in the allocations and saying, ‘that boy Fahie stop my medication money’?” Premier Fahie questioned.

Accosted for $300K claim

He also related an incident where a female resident questioned him about the alleged overspending of more than $300,000 towards an air conditioning contract for the Multipurpose Sports Complex.

The Premier said the resident berated him about the matter and said they heard the news about the contract from the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Assembly.

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn had alleged during a recent House of Assembly sitting that his investigations showed that the government effectively gave a contractor an extra $300,000 to install an air conditioning unit at the Multipurpose Sports Complex in Road Town.


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