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Malone promises to probe reported ‘airport child separation’ incident

Malone promises to probe reported ‘airport child separation’ incident

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone has promised to investigate a complaint regarding a woman that was allegedly separated from her infant child after being asked to leave the BVI to change employers recently.
The issue which was first raised by talk show host and government contractor Claude Skelton Cline, received widespread condemnation on various platforms, especially on Facebook.

In response to a Facebook post on Saturday, the Health Minister said, “[I] will certainly look into this report but I’m sure that there is much more to this than this. Just saying!! Why always jump to one side so quickly? Ok, Ok – don’t answer that.”

According to Skelton Cline, he received a call to aid a woman who had to leave the country and return because she had to get her work permit transferred to a new employer.

The outspoken talk show host condemned the Immigration policy that led to the alleged separation, arguing that it needed to be suspended. He further suggested that BVIslanders needed to treat expatriates better.

As some commentators levelled criticism at the Immigration policy underpinning the alleged incident, others suggested that there must be some justification for the circumstances surrounding the matter.

The incident comes in the wake of Labour & Immigration Minister, Vincent Wheatly’s disclosure that government will be mulling a quota on the number of nationalities that will be permitted into the BVI at any given time.

Wheatley said these decisions must be considered since persons are flocking to the BVI, which is considered an attractive jurisdiction to work, live, visit, and invest.

Last year, former Governor Augustus Jaspert said a general revision of the Immigration & Passport Act (Cap 130) will be conducted to bring the legislation in line with international best practices.

This measure is also expected to assist with ensuring that the Act is in keeping with the transformation plan in store for the Immigration department.

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