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Minimal disruption expected with Fish Bay roadworks — Contractor

Minimal disruption expected with Fish Bay roadworks — Contractor

Local contractor, Dion Crabbe, has downplayed suggestions that there will be massive traffic disruptions with the rehabilitation works on Fish Bay Road.
Crabbe — whose construction firm, Autland Heavy Equipment Company, is undergoing the $1.7 million project — said he believes the works will be “less disruptive” because of a temporary bypass that was created to facilitate the flow of traffic as construction takes place.

“We will try our best like all the other projects to accommodate the ongoing traffic but just keep in mind that construction is happening. Just be a bit cautious and a bit patient,“ Crabbe said during a recent public consultation. “But other than that, I don’t foresee any major disruptions in the traffic to be honest.“

Crabbe said works were scheduled to begin last week. However, discussions have been ongoing with owners at Skelton Bay lot on how the property can be properly secured with the addition of the bypass.

Meanwhile, Patlian Johnson, Community Liaison Officer with the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA), acknowledged that the project is large and has the potential to cause a lot of disruption.

She said keeping stakeholders aware of the project and any issues that arise will be key in the success of the project.

The RDA Liason Officer also said safety concerns for pedestrians and motorists were addressed with the contractor and boarding will be erected to address this.

The first phase of the project is expected to be the construction of a culvert to facilitate the flow of water to the sea and is slated to be completed over a six-month period.

This is the largest road rehabilitation project being undertaken with the CDB loan used to fund recovery projects across the territory.

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