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No Objection! VG Man Secures $70K Bail In Sunday’s Stabbing

No Objection! VG Man Secures $70K Bail In Sunday’s Stabbing

Virgin Gorda resident, George Legair. Jr., 29, who was charged with Wounding with Intent relating to the Paraquita Bay incident on Sunday night, secured bail in the sum of $70,000 at the Magistrate’s Court when he appeared via Zoom on Wednesday, November 4 2020.
The Heavy Equipment Operator was not made to plead to the matter, as it is indictable, and will be tried before a judge and jury in the High Court.

The court heard that on the night of November 1, the defendant, Legair Jr., unlawfully and maliciously wounded 31-year-old Keon Leonard of Botanic Station, Tortola at Bouncer’s Bar in Paraquita Bay.

The court heard from Director of Public Prosecution Tiffany Scatliffe Esprit on behalf of the Crown, who outlined the allegations.

She said, on Sunday night, the accused man was in the vicinity of Bouncers Bar with friends, one of whom was a woman who has two children with the Virtual Complainant (VC), but they are no longer romantically involved.

She informed that during that time, the VC came to the bar and tried without success to have a conversation with his children’s mother and her friend, who walked away in an attempt to avoid him.

Sometime after they walked away, the VC overheard his children mother speaking to the defendant, and he became verbally abusive. The defendant and the woman in question are friends, and he had inquired about the reason why she appeared upset.

“What are you asking that for? What is wrong with you?” the VC reportedly said to the defendant.

In response, the defendant said: “what are you going to do I’m not talking to you.”

Following the verbal spat, the two men got involved in a physical altercation with each other.

Friends who were present attempted to part them, but not before the accused who was reportedly armed with a black knife inflicted wounds about the VC’s body.

The court heard that the accused got injuries to his left hand; however, the VC, who is still in intensive care at the Hospital, sustained ‘multiple stab wounds to his left abdominal area which caused his intestines to become exposed.

The VC also got a stab to his left leg during the scuffle.

Presiding over the matter, Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards granted him bail because the DPP did not have any objections to him being granted bail.

Richards said she was imposing conditions such as reporting to the police station three times per week.

Legair Jr. was also warned to stay away from the witnesses in the matter and to hand over his travel documents to the authorities.

His matter was then adjourned to January 27, 2021, for reporting purposes.

Attorney at law, Reynela Rawlins is defending him during the criminal proceedings.

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