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Not everyone will get a pay raise after public service salary review

Not everyone will get a pay raise after public service salary review

As the government embarks on a compensation review and job classification for the public service, Director Of Human Resources, Michelle Donovan-Stevens has advised that not all officers will get a salary increase.
The public service has not undergone a comprehensive salary review in 19 years. Seeking to correct this longstanding neglect, the Ministry of Finance is now seeking consultancy services to conduct the review.

“As we begin the compensation review and job classification, many of you will be wondering if this exercise means an increase in salary for all officers. This is not the case,” Donovan-Stevens said in an address to public officers on Thursday.

“We will make every effort to ensure adequate compensation for our officers that is in line with local and regional industry standards, but this process may highlight that some roles and functions are, in fact, already aligned with those standards,” she explained.

The human resources boss said the review process will also include a classification exercise during which various job groups such as administration, legal, technical will be assessed. This exercise will involve potential interviews and surveys with a random cross-section of officers from the various job groups.

She further said her team will be engaging organisations such as the Civil Service Association, Teachers Union, Prison Welfare Association, Police Welfare Association to ensure that they are involved at the essential phases of the review.

The entire review process is projected to last 12 months.

“Upon completion of the consultant’s report, it will be immediately reviewed by the Office of the Deputy Governor and the designated project team under the responsibility of the Director of Human Resources to ensure the scope and deliverables of the project have been met. Following this, a full report will be presented to Cabinet for consideration and decision on the findings and recommendations,” Donovan-Stevens stated.

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