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Not one of us got anything from any grants - Premier

Not one of us got anything from any grants - Premier

Ahead of a report from the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on its findings, Premier Andrew Fahie has refuted the notion that any member of his government committed any improprieties in the distribution of COVID-19 assistance grants.
“We are not going to waste time with them worrying about any grants or whatever, you won’t see not one of us — no matter what the [COI] report says — not one of us you’ll see were involved in any grants or anything with any impropriety,” Premier Fahie said during a recent House of Assembly sitting.

According to the Premier, persons in the Opposition who he said are fighting to see if they could unseat the government need to put their energies towards fighting real concerns of the territory.

“It sounds good. The melee sounds sweet and some of them hoping that that happen [to gain] power, but that is not what you should be using your 24 hours to do,” the Premier added.

Premier Fahie insisted that he was not the enemy and urged the Opposition to stop trying to program the minds of the electorate towards itself.

“Educate our people with what the real concerns are,” Premier Fahie urged, “so that they can know that we are just beginning to blossom in the 200-mile zone that we have [for] fishing that for years we left untouched.”

The Premier was at the time speaking about fishing grounds that have been reportedly taken from the BVI along with reduced fishing quotas that have been imposed on the territory.

He said the BVI remained in negotiations with the United Kingdom to reclaim both its fishing grounds and to restore its annual fishing quota.

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