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Ongoing political turbulence in UK could shake BVI

Ongoing political turbulence in UK could shake BVI

Former Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering is warning that residents need to show more interest in governing their own affairs especially with the recent political developments in the United Kingdom (UK).
Prime Minister Liz Truss yesterday announced her intention to resign just six weeks after her appointment as leader of the country. There are also predictions that a general election is on the horizon and this is likely to lead to more upheavals in the near future.

Dr Pickering said the BVI will not remain unaffected by possible turbulence in the UK. He added that the territory could suffer greatly if the UK’s Labour Party forms the next government.

“It is almost a foregone conclusion that the UK will have an election in the not too distant future, much earlier than is constitutionally planned. There is almost a foregone conclusion that Labour — the opposition party now in the United Kingdom — will form the next government,” Dr Pickering posited.

“A Labour government will not be sympathetic to Overseas Territories and their financial services institutions. They are not going to look at us in any favourable light with respect to where we are at this point in time. If we are already in the frying pan, then in colloquial BVI language, we will be getting into the fire,” Dr Pickering stated.

He warned residents to note that the UK has no moral obligation to look out for the BVI’s interest if they begin to experience tough times. In that case, Dr Pickering said the BVI must look out for its own interest.

“They have a legal responsibility to us based on a colonial past that we continue to allow. The question is, do we want to continue on that path? That is our decision to make. I’m comfortable saying this: the UK is not going to stand in our way if the majority of the people in this country say they want to break ties,” Dr Pickering explained.

He said residents need to put aside political differences and elect the best leaders in the next election in order to secure the BVI’s future.

He also said he believes the BVI can still become a great nation and added that people shouldn’t lose hope because of the recent negative developments in local politics.

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