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Opening Day Of Lobster Fest Draws Dozens To Anegada

Anegada has once again proven its ability to host another successful Lobster Festival flawlessly despite herds of residents and visitors descending on the sleepy island this weekend for the annual culinary event.

Chair of the Anegada Lobster Festival Mr. Carnel Clyne told BVI Platinum News that the festival is off to a great start.

“I would say it’s a mild crowd but I am impressed with the fact that everyone had on their masks, everyone was able to get their welcome bag. Folks were able to get their welcome shots by On the Rocks Bar.”

He said 14 visitors came to the island on Anegada Express, 107 came on Speedys, and Romaco brought in about 30 and an unknown number coming in on the barge – Global Ocean Transport.

“Today is kind of mild, kind of nice to get your feet wet for tomorrow, more people come out on Sunday. On Sunday there will be four ferries and one barge.”

Today Road Town Fast Ferry will join Speedys, Romasco and Anegada Express to bring persons to the event.

He informed that 75 persons came to the island via the ferry on Friday.

“So we are seeing the traffic increase, we are definitely seeing it, so right now we are good to go.”


In the meantime, our news centre spoke to a number of restaurants about what they were offering for this year’s event.

Lobster Trap/Anegada Beach Club

Jamie Johnson Operations Manager for Anegada Beach Club (ABC) and Lobster Trap said the event was being held at the Lobster Trap this year.

She said they also used the opportunity to coincide their grand re-opening of Lobster Trap since COVID-19 hit with the 9th staging of the festival.

“We just newly renovated the place, the guys did such a great job. We tripped the size of our kitchen which was badly needed, the chefs are so happy in there now. We have a much bigger bar now. So we are having a lot of fun everybody is just really energetic, all the staff everybody is just having a great time.”

She said they were offering their lobster kabab – which is lobster drenched in butter with peppers and onions and the second sampler is a mini lobster cake.

She said they were also offering other types of food such as chicken as a variety for patrons.

“I expect Sunday afternoon to be nuts and a lot people are waiting for Sunday,” she added.

Over on ABC she informed that this year, “We are not bringing the noise, we are catering more towards hotel guests. They are serving great food all day and all night but as far as having the DJs and participating in Lobster Fest they are not one of the locations.”

She said however, patrons could go there for a little peace and quiet while having lobster away from the crowd.

“Because we have hotel guests and they expect a certain level of peace,” she said.

Big Bamboo

Over at Big Bamboo on Loblolly beach, which is one of the major hot spots for the event, we spoke with owner and operator Mrs. Diane Levons.

In between selling tickets for the food and overseeing operations, she said, “I am impressed with the crowd and as you can see people are still coming in, the band is about to start. I had some lobster fritters samplers, but it went so quick.”

She continued: “They’re going fast. So far we only have 600 lbs hoping that the guys would come this afternoon and help us out. We are down to the half shell now.”

The Evolution Band entertained patrons and It’s a Secret Band will be playing on Sunday.

Cow Wreck

At the famous Cow Wreck Beach, owner of the Cow Wreck Beach Bar, Bell Creque, said on her end, the crowd was starting to thicken as they anticipate another great year.

“We have half lobster, we have stew lobsters, stew conchs, ribs, chicken also rice, vegetables and macaroni pie. Our samples are stewed lobster, lobster salad, and a lobster fritter. Everybody so far has liked it.”

Sids Pomato Point Restaurant

The final restaurant proprietor we interviewed was Lorraine Wheatley of Sids Pomato Point Restaurant who said the restaurant is not known to be among the busiest, but had a steady flow of persons.

"It has been nice, quiet, you can’t complain; that’s how Saturdays are, just steady,” Wheately shared.

Their sampler was lobster beignet, and she explained what it entailed.

“It’s like a lobster fritter but instead of the lobster fritter where you have the flour mixture, inside its more cream cheese. So you get the lobster and you get the cream cheese. So we have had good reviews about it. some people think we should put it on the main menu.”

The 9th staging of the event will culminate today, Sunday, November 28.

There will be a total of 10 participating restaurants – Potters by the Sea, Anegada Reef, Wonky Dog, Lobster Trap, Pink Flamingo, Sid’s Pomato Point Restaurant, Tipsy, a brand new restaurant, Cow Wreck, Big Bamboo and Flash Of Beauty.


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