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People afraid to start campaigning for elections - Vanterpool

People afraid to start campaigning for elections - Vanterpool

Candidates for the upcoming general elections constitutionally due next year are seemingly afraid to begin campaigning, Fourth District Representative Mark Vanterpool has said.
Vanterpool was at the time arguing in the House of Assembly (HOA) in support of the removal of the now-discarded Register of Interest (ROI) bill of 2022. He also advocated strenuously for debate on the Commission of Inquiry (COI) and its multitude of proposed reforms the BVI is in the midst of implementing.

“It look like people afraid to start campaigning. We’re eight months before [but] everybody frightened [and] want to know what will happen because the British government rule; run things. I won’t be campaigning, but if I was, I’m not afraid,” Vanterpool said.

Vanterpool argued that at some point the people of the BVI, who have a right to elect their own representatives, have to get to the point where they are able to do so and not make it appear as if the United Kingdom has to tell them when they can do so. He said the constitution was clear on when elections should be held in the BVI.

Vanterpool praised the support received from leaders of regional bodies such as CARICOM, the OECS, and the United Nations, but said these organisations need to speak out even more in defence of the BVI.

He argued that the BVI remains under the gun and under the spectre of colonial rule, all while its focus is being distracted from urgent issues such as the economy and the survival of its people.

And while singling out his critics for a ‘special word’, Vanterpool said: “Anybody come tell me about what I thief and what I ain’t thief and what I do wrong, they could stay there talking their nonsense,“ Vanterpool stated.

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