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Peter Haycraft OBE 'was an inspiration to us all'- RTW

Peter Haycraft OBE 'was an inspiration to us all'- RTW

It is with great sadness that the team at Roadtown Wholesale Trading and Riteway learned of the passing of Mr Peter Haycraft OBE on Saturday, May 29, 2021.
Mr Haycraft was an inspiration to us all and will be dearly missed by all the employees, customers and partners of the business. A business in which he built over a period of 60 years.

The story of RTW and Riteway is truly an inspiration and the success of the business 60 years later is a testament to the great vision, leadership, generosity, business acumen and hard work of its founder. Peter started the business importing and selling PET milk in 1961. Some years later the business had grown to become the leading wholesaler and retailer in the British Virgin Islands, an incredible achievement.

RTW proudly serves many of the great businesses here as a wholesaler with partnerships that have lasted decades. Such longstanding business partnerships are a true representation of the integrity and conduct of Peter. The team at our Riteway stores don’t view their work as running supermarkets, but rather feeding the BVI, a generous spirit fostered by Peter from the outset.

Peter’s passing will personally impact so many of our team, whom he gave so much to their education and development. He will be sadly missed but remembered fondly.

Our deepest sympathy and condolences are with the Haycraft family. Peter was a true gentleman, a tremendous business leader and a great man.


The Management and Employees of Roadtown Wholesale Trading and Riteway Food Markets.

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