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Police record another upsurge of ‘mentally ill assailants’

Police record another upsurge of ‘mentally ill assailants’

Police are again recording an upsurge in incidents involving persons with mental illness.
Within the last month, the RVIPF recorded eight incidents involving persons who either displayed behavior of mental illness or are registered mentally ill persons.

On the same day, one woman was accused of entering two establishments in Road Town and grabbing the handbag of an unsuspecting patron.

Onlookers assisted in the retrieval of these handbags. She was taken to the Behavioral Ward of the Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital and was treated. In another incident, a male in dirty clothing swung a bag at a female tourist while she was walking on Main Street.

She fell back and he tried to continue his assault, but was chased away by persons in the area. She received some minor bruises to her knee. This past week, a registered mental patient was seen illegally entering a vessel at Frenchman’s Cay.

When questioned by Police, he responded incoherently. Nothing was removed from the vessel. Three days later, he was reportedly seen pounding the hood of a vehicle while holding the driver at knife point. He was apprehended by Police and taken to the Behavioral Ward where he is being treated.

A male was seen exiting an unlocked vehicle while parked in Sea Cow’s Bay. His unresponsive behavior led officers to take him to the Behavioral Ward for evaluation.

Considering the recent incidents, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is asking caregivers to make the necessary calls for assistance at the first signs of changes in behaviour.

Persons are invited to call the RVIPF Control Room number 311 if they see or suspect an individual will inflict harm to himself or others.

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