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Police seize 5 scooters, lay 37 charges in weekend operation

Police seize 5 scooters, lay 37 charges in weekend operation

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has laid 37 charges and issued another 23 tickets during an operation at the weekend.
The police also seized five motor scooters in the same weekend operation.

According to the RVIPF, topping the list of the 37 offences was driving an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle. Six of the offences were for not having a driver’s licence and six for having prohibitive tint.

All offenders will have to appear before the Magistrate’s Court, the police stated.

Meanwhile, the RVIPF further said the 25 ticketed offences include “failure to renew driver’s licence, riding without a helmet, not secured by a seatbelt, not secured in a safety seat for a child and not having a front licence plate”.

Other offences on that list include travelling with coloured headlamps and with persons standing in the tray of a truck.

“One person was charged for drunkenness when in charge of a motor vehicle and failing to stop at the request of an officer,” the RVIPF reported.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Mark Collins has said: “Many of these road traffic offences not only carry hefty fines, but could put drivers and other road users at risk. It is therefore wise for owners to insure that occupants are travelling safe and vehicle particulars are up to date.”

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