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Premier declines to rate VIP’s performance, says voters will

Premier declines to rate VIP’s performance, says voters will

Premier Andrew Fahie has declined to rate his Virgin Islands Party (VIP) administration’s time in office thus far, deciding to leave the task to voters at the next elections.

“I never rate myself yet. The people do that at the polls,” Premier Fahie said at a press conference recently.

Fahie told reporters that his party came into office in trying times — in the wake of two category five hurricanes and with much repair work left to be done.

Among other things, the Premier said his party had to guide the territory through several financial assessments as well as a recently completed but long overdue maritime audit.

“We came in a time when nobody could’ve seen this one, couple months after entering office COVID came and shut down the entire world, devastated the world’s economies,” he added.

Despite this though, the Premier said his administration has accomplished quite a bit, including several legislative feats.

He numbered the e-government suite of legislation as well as several good governance pieces of legislation among these.

“Most governments won’t survive these kinds of things that we have been faced with, and it’s only three years. But we have done our best with the help of God,” the Premier said.

He made reference to other countries which are still enduring curfews and shutdowns and said the Virgin Islands is fortunate to be able to manage the situation well enough to see its economy on the rise.

Economy starting to boom

The Premier said more yachts are in every harbour and more businesses are beginning to reopen.

He further noted that there have been increases in the number of airlifts coming into the BVI and a corresponding increase in business for taxi operators.

“We are seeing more of our car rentals being rented again, we are seeing more of our people becoming more gainfully employed, we are seeing the economy start to take off based on our efforts, but yet, we are still dealing with COVID,” the Premier expressed.

When the economy was down, Premier Fahie said, his government got the full blame for all the challenges that the territory faced.


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