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Premier defends COVID measures: ‘Can’t make money if you’re dead!’

Premier defends COVID measures: ‘Can’t make money if you’re dead!’

Premier Andrew Fahie has fired back at critics who believe the government has sacrificed the economy in its fight against COVID-19, saying money is useless to an unhealthy population.
“There are those in our society who want to play down the work that this government is doing and still doing for coronavirus … But I want to say that if you’re not alive, you can’t make money, and if you’re not healthy, you can’t enjoy the money. And if you don’t thank God, nothing is possible.

This government has been doing all three for the people and working on the economy,” Fahie said on October 12 at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Road Town Market Square.

As the BVI has no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at this time, Fahie said the Health Minister and healthcare workers should be commended for “conquering coronavirus up to this time”.

“That is important. While there are those who want to make it seem like nothing, that is important!” Fahie expressed.

The BVI has been under multiple curfews for some nine months as the government worked to control the outbreak of COVID-19 which, to date, has affected over 70 persons and claimed one life.

The shutdown of the territory has put a strain on the economy as the movement of people is curtailed to stop the spread of the virus in the community.

The BVI will officially reopen to tourists on December 1 but sections of the public have openly criticised the government for the lengthy shutdown of the territory’s borders. Some have also scoffed at the numerous curfews which limit movement of the public, especially at night time.

Critics have advocated for a sooner reopening of the territory with strict safety protocols to prevent the importation of coronavirus.

In response, Premier Fahie has stated that his government is taking best practices from countries around the world in order to control the threat of COVID-19.

Without giving figures, he has stated that the BVI’s economy is performing well given the circumstances but promised that curfews will continue until the public learns to diligently practice safety measures to control COVID-19.

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