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Premier defends government’s handling of Airports Authority

Premier defends government’s handling of Airports Authority

Premier Andrew Fahie has denied that his government has not been sufficiently proactive about the needs of the BVI Airports Authority.
According to Premier Fahie, the government has been speaking to many airlines and has some major announcements to make in the next few weeks once negotiations are finished.

He said these developments are expected to significantly increase airlift in the territory once all goes well.

“We are not sitting on our laurels like some would have you to believe,” the Premier said.

The leader of government business said his administration could’ve complained that they did not meet the Airport Authority with funding, but chose not to do so.

He added: “We didn’t waste our time crying about COVID all the time. Yes, it is a factor, it was a factor, it continues to be a factor.”

With flights reduced at the onset of COVID-19, the Premier indicated that no organisation could’ve been able to make profits and pay its staff under those circumstances.

He further stated that while the government was able to inject some funds into the entity, it could not inject all that was needed to keep it going, therefore some adjustments were made.

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