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Private vessels, ferries to operate under curfew for next two weeks

Private vessels, ferries to operate under curfew for next two weeks

While residents are permitted to move freely on land for 24-hours a day, privately-owned vessels must continue to operate under a 7 pm curfew for the next two weeks.

This was made clear in a curfew order that came into effect on Saturday, August 15.

Subsection 1 of that order states: “From the date this Order comes into force until Saturday 29th August 2020, private vessels shall be permitted to move within the territorial waters between the hours of 5:01 a.m to 7 pm daily.”

“Subject to Subsection 1, a private vessel shall move within the navigational limits East of 64.38300’W on the south side of Tortola and an area East of the dividing line between the western most tip of Jost Van Dyke and Western most tip of Tortola (This area will be further confined by navigational limits to the North, East and South),” it further said.

Pre-clearance needed to operate in exclusion zone

The curfew order further said private vessels shall not be permitted to move in waters that are classified as an exclusion zone.

For vessels wishing to travel within an exclusion zone and outside the navigational limits as prescribed above, captains or boat owners will have to obtain a pre-clearance approval from the Multi-Agency Operational command prior to transit.

Additionally, all vessels with Aautomatic Identification System technology are being urged to utilise this tech to allow for easy identification from law enforcement, especially when in exclusion zones.

Ferries to operate until midnight

The curdfew order also outlined provisions for ferry operators within the territorial waters.

It said ferries shall be permitted to traverse throughout the territory between the hours of 5:01 am and midnight daily.


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