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Properly constructed landfill being proposed

Properly constructed landfill being proposed

Minister for Health and Social Development Marlon Penn said a properly constructed landfill site is being explored for the disposal of waste in the territory.

Minister Penn expressed that this landfill site will be part of a comprehensive strategy the government is formulating as its new approach to solid waste management in the territory.

According to Penn, the ideal course of action would be to discontinue the unsustainable practice of hillside dumping in the territory and construct a properly engineered landfill and materials recovering facility in a new location.

He told legislators in the House of Assembly (HOA) last week that the recovery and development agency (RDA) has been tasked with proposing viable locations and designing this new landfill.

The facility at Pockwood Pond, he said, could then be converted into a tertiary treatment plant with backup equipment that will provide redundancy to the main landfill site.

High priority on resolving incinerator issue

Meanwhile, Penn said a high priority has been placed on resolving the current garbage situation at the Pockwood Pond incinerator.

A fire at the Pockwood Pond incinerator that occurred in February caused extensive damage to the facility and replacement parts have been slow in coming.

“That fire destroyed the incinerator’s main control panel along with its electrical system, and contributed to material fatigue in certain sections of the building,” Penn told the HOA last week.

But Penn said his Ministry is in the process of procuring the necessary replacement parts from the equipment manufacturer, Consutech Systems LLC.

According to the Health Minister, Consutech had already been contracted to supply a replacement Quench Tank and Ash Conveyor, along with a Heat Exchanger and three (3) Transfer Rams.

He said these parts were all of required to bring the Incinerator back online.

Additionally, he noted that steps are being taken to purchase a factory replacement control panel, which he described as another critical piece of equipment.

He cautioned that, although discussions have been had about expediting the process, things will take some time.

“It is important to bear in mind, however, that the process of fabricating, shipping, and installing the new parts will take several months; particularly in light of disruptions in the supply chain affecting key components,” Penn said.

Penn said all the items are expected to be shipped and installed before the end of this year.


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