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Public waits! Will Premier keep promise and vaccinate this week?

Public waits! Will Premier keep promise and vaccinate this week?

One week later and members of the public are still waiting for Premier Andrew Fahie to be publicly inoculated with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, as promised last Thursday.

During the launch of the territory’s vaccination programme at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital on February 12, a number of public officials — including Health Minister Carvin Malone and Governor John Rankin — publicly took the vaccine.

Although present, Premier Fahie opted not to take the vaccine at the time, claiming he wanted to ensure he was not the reason any frontline worker missed out on getting access to one of the 8,000 vials of the vaccine.

“I will be doing mine but I feel within myself a sense of patriotism to make sure that they get their vaccine,” Fahie said at the time.

“So even if it has to run out because the Minister of Health and them were in the frontline with them, let them go ahead. Even if it runs out, I don’t mind on the second batch,” he added.

Premier said within a week

Although making the aforementioned statement, Premier Fahie later altered his narrative towards taking the vaccine when questioned my members of the media during the vaccine roll-out event.

Questions on why he did not lead by example in taking the vaccine prompted the leader of government business to promise the media and residents that he would be back this week to the vaccine live in the presence of the media.

He said: “Next week I’m going to be vaccinated, allowing with due respect the Governor who has worked hard with the United Kingdom to bring the 8,000 dosages and the Minister of Health and the rest of the front line, and some other members said they want to go ahead.”

“I’ve made a decision to allow our frontline to as many as possible, especially in the health care section to get ahead and next week I will be taking the vaccine. It’s as simple as that,” Premier Fahie stated.

No indication to date of taking the vaccine

Today marks eight days since the Premier made that statement and there still has been no indication from the Premier or his office as to when or if he will be taking the vaccine or whether it will be done in the presence of the media if he gets inoculated.

BVI News posed questions to Premier Fahie on the matter this morning. Up to publication time, he did not respond,

Despite the Premier’s seeming reluctance, members of the public have been flocking the respective health facilities to get their jab of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The latest statistic by the Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ronald Georges indicate that more than 1,400 persons have already registered to take the vaccine, with more than 200 already vaccinated.

The influx of interested persons has since prompted the Ministry of Health to temporarily suspend the online registration process.

This is to ensure that all frontline workers and vulnerable persons receive the vaccine before the average healthy resident.


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