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Reckless driver arrested after engaging cops in vehicular chase

Reckless driver arrested after engaging cops in vehicular chase

BVI News understands that a man was last week arrested after engaging police in a vehicular chase in West End, Tortola.
It is understood that police officers were on mobile patrol when they saw a car moving suspiciously along the Sir Francis Drake roadway. The cops reportedly signalled the driver and asked him to pull over.

However, the driver ignored this request and decided to speed along the roadway instead.

The driver reportedly swerved around several cars to ditch the cops. As a result, law enforcers used their vehicle to hit the back of the reckless driver’s car to get him to stop.

Once the driver stopped, he was arrested. Our news centre understands that no illegal items were found in the vehicle.

The driver was reportedly taken to hospital after complaining that he was feeling pain as a result of the impact of the police vehicle.

BVI News understands that the reckless driver told police he didn’t pull over when he was stopped because he’s been experiencing fear since two of his friends recently got killed.

There have been at least two murders and two “unexplained deaths” since the start of the year. Our news centre could not ascertain whether the reckless driver was referring to any of these deaths.

In the meantime, our news centre was told that the man was granted police bail.

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