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Residents To Pay Their Way To STT For Pfizer, Moderna Jabs

Residents To Pay Their Way To STT For Pfizer, Moderna Jabs

Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone said residents in the British Virgin Islands who are interested in receiving their COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna would have to pay their way to the US Virgin Islands to do so.

He said on VIP Let’s Talk on Tuesday that local authorities are teaming up with their US counterparts to facilitate the undertaking.

“What we are doing is this: we are putting a committee together, we have three or four backbench team that has asked to join with the group together with members from Rotary and some private sector individuals. We are getting together so that we can make the transition as seamless as possible,” he remarked.

He added, “They [residents] will be able to call a number which will be set up, they will be given the details on how to register on the US Registry, they will be able to register in our registry, they will be able to book their particular passes. We are trying to get the rapid test apply so that when you enter the portal for the US Virgin Islands, you can have it entered there.”

Pay Your Way

In the meantime, Minister Malone made it clear that the cost associated with the trip would not be covered by the government.

“You will have to pay your way down, and we will have the particular buses. So once you get down, transportation would be there, arranged, the cost will be known to you, taken to the hospital, second floor, you will be administered whether it’s the Pfizer or the Moderna. You will be brought directly back to ferry, return and take a rapid test.”

In terms of the protocols that would apply for that trip, he said it would be announced sometime next week following a special Cabinet meeting with the Health Emergency Operations Centre.

“The Chief Medical Officer is completing his write up of the protocols to follow for once you return. We know that some of you are concerned about whether or not you have to quarantine for an additional four days; we will be guided by the Chief Medical Officer as it relates to that. We want to make sure to do it so that no one is compromised,” he added.


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