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Rise in retirements causes change in demographic of public service

Rise in retirements causes change in demographic of public service

The retirement rate in the BVI public service is said to be climbing and has caused a change in the overall demographic of the workforce.

Premier Andrew Fahie has said the average rate of retirement now stands at 2.5 percent, which translates to roughly 67 employees retiring annually.

And with the retirement numbers increasing each fiscal year, more young professionals are now entering the workforce to fill those gaps.

However, largely unattractive remuneration packages has now caused another problem for the public service.

“The workforce is comprised with younger skilled professionals who are more likely to exit the organisation when the pay factor is not competitive,” Fahie said in the House of Assembly on Thursday.

This part of the reason his administration has moved to have the salary of all public servants reviewed.

According to the Premier, this review is long overdue.

Only 17% of gov’t workers happy with their pay

In fact, a 2018 engagement survey of government workers found that only 17 percent of respondents were satisfied with their pay and benefits in the public service.

“Sixty-two percent of [public] officers expressed that they do not consider their salaries to be reasonable or reflective of their performance,” Premier Fahie said while citing the survey which interviewed 28 percent of the overall public service.


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