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Spend your gov’t stimulus cheques wisely, residents told

Spend your gov’t stimulus cheques wisely, residents told

Residents who have will soon receive their long-awaited economic stimulus cheques from the government are being urged to make prudent use of those funds.

That advice has come from Minister for Natural Resources & Labour, Vincent Wheatley.

“Manage your money very, very wisely. Many of us are still lucky to have jobs! Make sure you save a portion and buy only what is necessary. Cut down on expenses, for example, your phone bills, water usage, electricity,” he said via a social media broadcast on Sunday night, September 6.

He continued: “Spend as much as possible in the local economy before looking elsewhere. For those who are not working but will receive stimulus cheques throughout the next few weeks, this also applies to you.”


In the meantime, in light of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases locally, the government minister urged persons to devise ways to deal with the virus.

“Limit your movement, observe the curfew, etcetera. Eat as healthy as possible, and get regular exercise. A healthy immune system is a powerful tool as there is not yet a vaccine for COVID-19. We are going to have to live and work with it. These three simple things will go a long way to ride out the destructive COVID-19 wave,” he stated.

Interactive sessions

Wheatley also said he intends to have virtual interactive sessions ‘quite often’ discussing the ongoing issues affecting his district and the wide territory.

He said the topics would be publicised well in advance on social media.


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