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Tender waived for Top Priority contract to transport $$ to bank

Tender waived for Top Priority contract to transport $$ to bank

Nine months after the company began its duties, Cabinet decided to waive the tender process for Top Priority Security to provide transportation services for government funds.

According to the most recent post-Cabinet statement released yesterday, October 7, the contract runs from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Under the contract, Top Security is required to transport revenue collected from various departments and transferred them to local banks.

The security company is expected to be paid $286,845 for its services.

Cabinet also stated that a notice for tender should be issued to procure the same services for the upcoming year 2022.

Tender process also waived for $59K housing project

Meanwhile, Cabinet also decided that the tender process be ‘exceptionally waived’ and a contract be awarded for the engagement of Project Management & Construction Solutions Co Ltd.

Cabinet said this was for the company to provide project management services to manage the housing reconstruction projects being undertaken by the Housing Unit of the Ministry of Health & Social Development.

The release explained that the contract would last for nine months adding that the company would be compensated at a rate of $6,666.66 per month.

All costs associated with the issuance of this consultancy contract, the Cabinet said, are expected to be charged to the National Bank of the Virgin Islands.


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