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Term Limit Needed For Board Chairs

Term Limit Needed For Board Chairs

There should be a term limit for persons who serve on government boards, according to Premier and Finance Minister Hon. Andrew Fahie.
“I really and truly see the need more and more for a chairman of boards as much as possible not to pass two consecutive terms leading any board, you should have shifts sometime after that. The max maybe three, but no more than three terms, not political terms but whatever terms that they are given to lead any board in government period,” he said recently in the House of Assembly.

Last week the House of Assembly approved two separate Motions for Mrs. Jeanette Scatliffe Boynes to act for a further six months as Director of the Social Security Board (SSB) and Ms. Lorie Freeman, to act as Deputy Director of SSB for six months.

“Something that we should try to steer our government towards [this] because it is very dangerous. Not only that but in anything, there is a time after a while all the systems suppose to be in place for the transition of leadership,” he stated.

The Premier said that no one is invincible.

“I often hear persons say in this country that this person is leading now if they leave what will happen. I never subscribe to that at all, and I always train anyone around me, even my children to always carry on, if I am gone or whoever is gone. That’s just how life is,” he stated.

The Finance Minister said they must build institutions so persons can come from behind to take over. He said the government has spent thousands of dollars on scholarships for persons, and they should have the ability to take over leadership.

“A lot of time in small societies and I recognize it in the BVI, we wish people well until they start to do well and then we put them in a well because we want them to go to hell,” he lamented.

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