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The BVI must guard its name and reputation

The BVI must guard its name and reputation

Premier Andrew Fahie has argued that the BVI has to guard its name since it trades on its name and has built up a good brand over decades.

Speaking at a press conference recently, the Premier reiterated calls that an apology must be issued by persons who have besmirched the BVI‘s name during the Commission of Inquiry (COI).

“In terms of reputation,” Premier Fahie said, “it is a travesty that some people have said things that are damaging to our reputation and said it like it is facts.”

“When people play with your name that is a very dangerous thing. That does not show that you’re into a modern partnership when you do those irresponsible acts,” the Premier said.

He continued: “I’ve stated clearly that in the COI those persons that did that had an opportunity to bring whatever evidence that they had to produce and it was never produced in the COI along that line. Those were irresponsible statements and persons who did them deserve to know that they need to apologise to the people of the Virgin Islands.”

In the recent past, the Premier has singled out former governor, Augustus Jaspert, for comments he made during the COI about unnamed elected officials being affiliated with criminals and the drug trade.

The Premier had stated that Jaspert’s remarks were both reckless and without basis. The leader of government’s business has, therefore, demanded a retraction and an apology.

BVI now has mature governor

Despite all of this, though, Premier Fahie said the United Kingdom (UK) has shown a willingness to turn a page on the issue of a modern partnership and has now given the BVI a governor with some amount of experience in the post.

“They have given us a governor now that is mature, a governor that is an adult, a governor who respects his ability to interpret the constitution and at least even if we disagree we do so in a professional manner,” the Premier said.

He added that the rest, with time, will take care of itself.


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