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The double edge sword of Colonialism

The double edge sword of Colonialism

The English language is one of the most powerful tools in the world.
In one breath, one can use words such as Empire and Commonwealth. Simultaneously, visions of both global grandeur and worldwide holocaust come to mind.

These last two weeks, 11 days to be precise, have exposed us to a whitewashing of history. Some reveled in the pomp and pagentry of yesteryear. Others were reminded of how that gross amount of wealth really came into existence.

It is a safe bet that the world will forever be divided on how we view the British Empire and its Monarchs. As we have seen recently, some have allowed themselves to believe that colonisation and indoctrination was/is a good thing.

Others will forever reject the notion that genocide, slavery and land theft are values to be praised.

Some, will rightly say, "To each their own."

The next few years will be very interesting, as less and less former colonies accept someone from the UK as their head of state. No European nation accepts a foreign King. Why should another independent country do so?

Yet, we will have those apologists who will say we must forgive and forget how those countries became empires. That is a sign of Stockholm Syndrome when one has more sympathy for their captors than for themselves.

The calls for reparations will rise as well. There is no justification that Eupopean countries of; Britain, France, Spain, Portugal and Denmark, should retain the wealth stolen from persons in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

In the year 2022 are we really to accept that the colonisers should have trillions of dollars in stolen wealth and the colonised be struggling to survive?

Yet, alas there will be those who attempt to use carefully crafted words to step around these issues. Yes, the doubled edged sword called the English language.

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