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This online nonsense doesn’t work! Skelton Cline blasts e-learning

This online nonsense doesn’t work! Skelton Cline blasts e-learning

The real cost of keeping children out of school, even as they continue to engage in online learning, may not be something that is being properly calculated by the powers that be.
This was the view political commentator, Pastor Claude Skelton Cline, expressed when he appeared on his radio show, Honestly Speaking recently.

As he railed against the current dispensation, the clergyman said that since 2017, children have lost too many school days that is now cumulative to semesters.

The talk show host said private schools have reopened and his child is currently in school.

He said this showed he was not speaking selfishly on the issue but was instead advocating for those who did not have access to a microphone or a similar platform.

“We are going to reap the whirlwind if we don’t get our act together with our education by ensuring that our children are in school,” Skelton Cline said.

While arguing that officials ought to chart the way forward with exactness, boldness and clarity, he said this must include giving children face-to-face time in school.

“This online nonsense does not work. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. I hear too many reports that put our children at a complete disadvantage,” Skelton Cline said.

He urged teachers, teaching assistants, and auxiliary personnel to become vaccinated or show just cause why they will not.

“You can’t sit around and talk about this building don’t have proper ventilation. [That is the] perfect [example of] becoming the enemy of the good,” Skelton Cline stated.

He added: “The more days we keep our children out of school, the further behind they are left.“

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