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Transportation Minister Wants Police Crackdown On Scooter Noise

Transportation Minister Wants Police Crackdown On Scooter Noise

Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities, Hon. Kye Rymer has called for an increase in police officers in the Traffic Unit to control the issue of excessive noise from scooters that is affecting the Virgin Islands.
“I get the calls; I see the posts about the loudness of the scooters in our territory. Even when we are home trying to enjoy some quiet time, it is a bit difficult hearing the loudness of these motorcycles,” Hon Rymer said during Monday’s sitting of the House of Assembly held to debate the 2021 budget estimates.

He said quite apart from the scooters being a “meaningful mode of transportation” riders must operate within the ambit of the law.

“I want to reach out to those riders to ask them to follow what the law says in terms of licensing and insuring their motorcycles. For those responsible riders I applaud you for doing the right thing and for those who are a bit negligent I encourage you to get your scooters licensed and refrain from taking off the package from the muffler because it is becoming a nuisance within our territory,” the Minister stated.

Meanwhile, Rymer stated, that although he has been working closely with the Police, “the enforcement agency needs to show a more standing in terms of being more prevalent so that these persons can understand that we are not a lawless community. I have had many conversations with the Chief of Police, even the Governor who is in charge of security to make this the issue.”

To further drive his point home, Minister Rymer pointed out that when the question of the staff contingent was asked in Standing Finance within the Traffic Unit, “I think the response was seven officers, and to me, that shows that traffic is not an important arm of the enforcement agency, because I think traffic should be more staffed even within our city.”

He continued: “If we want to make an impact on vehicles and scooters, I think we can find ways so that we can do a bit more enforcement for these illegal vehicles on our roadways, but we need to follow what the law says.”

Hon. Rymer had initiated a curfew on scooters a few months ago; however, that was met with mixed reactions from the public.

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