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Travellers coming to BVI more prepared to vaccinate than us here

Travellers coming to BVI more prepared to vaccinate than us here

Premier Andrew Fahie has indicated that persons visiting the BVI are more inclined to be vaccinated than those that are within the territory.

During a press conference hosted last Friday, the Premier announced several updates to the BVI’s entry protocols and urged the local populace to get into a state of readiness for the cruise tourists that will be coming.

“Most of who are coming into the territory are more prepared in terms of being vaccinated than we who they are coming to, so we have to make sure that we step up our game with being vaccinated,” Premier Fahie urged.

He suggested that those who could not take the vaccine should do what they can to improve their immune system.

He cautioned that while persons might be inclined towards natural cures or remedies that may counter the virus, these do not begin to work overnight.

The Premier also underscored a number of initiatives that cruise ships have taken to ensure their preparedness for any adverse COVID-19 outcomes – including adding ICU Units and improved medical facilities as well as reduced passenger capacities.

And while expressing some disappointment at the current vaccination rate of just over 50 percent locally, Premier Fahie said expectations were that the territory would be nearer to the 70 percent margin.

“We still have some ways to go to make sure that we take advantage of these economic opportunities,” he stated.

However, the Premier was optimistic in expressing confidence that Virgin Islanders would make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the expected stream of tourists coming to the territory within the next few days.

Opening up to tourists won’t bring the Mu variant

Meanwhile, the Premier disagreed that opening the BVI to cruise tourists is likely to bring the Mu variant to the territory, noting that the BVI was closed and still managed to have the variant.

The Premier said the BVI has no intention of becoming involved in lockdowns and reminded persons that COVID-19 was going nowhere.

“We have to live with [COVID-19] we have practised the protocols enough. It is time now to get in the game and start to put in place the things that we have practised,” Premier Fahie told residents.


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