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Two Opposition Members, Gov't Minister Agree To Review Willock’s Legal Fee

Two Opposition Members, Gov't Minister Agree To Review Willock’s Legal Fee

Two members of the Opposition and one member of government have agreed to sit on the select committee to determine whether taxpayers should pay Speaker Hon. Julian Willock’s legal fees associated with his failed court bid against the three lawyers for the UK-backed Commission of Inquiry (CoI).

Fourth District Representative and Member of the National Democratic Party, (NDP) Hon. Mark Vanterpool, Progressives United (PU) Leader and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser and Minister of Natural Resources Labour and Immigration and Ninth District Representative Hon. Vincent Wheatley, will sit on the committee.

This was following the passage of the controversial Motion late last night, November 4.

Interestingly, these three members did not speak on the Motion or have not publicly spoken on the matter. Information is that Hon. Wheatley is away on official business however, the two opposition members-Hon. Vanterpool and Hon. Fraser did not speak on the Motion. Further, the two were also absent when the vote on the Motion was taken.

Premier and Finance Minister Hon. Andrew Fahie at the end of the debate informed the House that these members agreed to sit on the committee.

Opposition Leader and NDP Member, Hon. Marlon Penn had made it clear that he will not support the Motion and will not sit on the select committee.

Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) Member and Second District Representative Hon. Melvin Mitch Turnbull had also echoed the same position of Hon. Penn.

The Motion received a total of five Members in support, two against and five absent Members.

Only Three Members Spoke Publicly Against Motion

In fact, of the 13 elected members of the House, only three members have publicly spoken out against the Motion-Hon. Penn, Hon. Turnbull and government Junior Minister Hon. Shereen Flax-Charles.

As she opposed the Motion, Hon. Flax-Charles said: “I want to put this out there. Conformity is doing what you are told regardless of what is right, morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told.”

Also of interest, Hon. Flax-Charles had voted in support of a counter Motion by Opposition Leader Hon. Penn. However, that Motion was defeated.

Hon. Turnbull during his contribution to the debate of the Motion had indicated that, ‘this is a real decision, and it will go down under the names of each and every Member that is present’.

“Because when it comes down to vote you are going to have to pick a vote on it and we are going to see whether you are a man or a mouse. Because at the end of the day you are saying if you are willing to support this or even send it to a committee, you are willing to go against the voice and will of the people,” Hon. Turnbull said.

There has been public outcry and protest over the matter along with a petition against the Motion that garnered over 1,200 signatures.


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