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Vanterpool to pay severance to Pusser’s employees

Vanterpool to pay severance to Pusser’s employees

Now that Pusser’s British West Indies has been sold, what will happen to the staff of more than 100 employees that worked at the restaurant?
While the full plan post-acquisition is not yet clear to BVI News, the buyer, Mark Vanterpool will pay all severance owed to Pusser’s employees.

This was part of the sale agreement between Vanterpool and the restaurant’s previous owner, Charles Tobias.

“Almost of all our team members have been facing extremely difficult financial hardship over the past year. Their severance cheques, I’m sure, will be a welcomed relief,” Tobias said in a media release from Vanterpool’s team.

“As we now pass the baton forward to the Vanterpool Group, I have no doubt that Mark Vanterpool will take the Pusser’s opportunity to a whole new level,” the restauranteur of more than forty years stated.

Vanterpool, who owns the One Mart Supermarket, acquired the business last week.

He confessed that some of his investment advisors said he was “crazy to be buying a restaurant business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

But Vanterpool expressed an “immense confidence in the history and culinary traditions, often synonymous with the British Virgin Islands, that Pusser’s has developed over the past four decades”.

The cost of the acquisition has not been disclosed.

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