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VI, please beware, for somebody is fooling somebody

VI, please beware, for somebody is fooling somebody

Second Chances are not Erasers for First Mistakes:
Persons claim that Christ was crucified for speaking Truth to Power, so Truth has never been popular... At the same time, without Truth, there’s nothing but lies and faulty Imaginations, so, while we may bank on the Future, we are only on loan to the World... Principal messages may leave from just 1 mouth and reach 2 ears, but Deposits are worth nothing until we apply Interest and Investments become Reality.

Too often, Truth is the victim or takes so long to be recognised that the effect nullifies the affect... This is no time for Pussyfooting; even Covid-19 seems to be coming back, or maybe it never left, but we should be just as fearful of other National Crises... We discounted one when you disregarded my warnings of Trump and Fox News, and, although their evil is now publicly exposed, much damage remains undone.

We may think that what happens there will not affect us, here but we are wrong... We are all connected, even if we are valued less than a basic UK Company... If we knew how a Majority of Argentina’s Blacks became nonexistent, then we would understand that our own existence is not as secure as we like to think... Following would-be Slave Masters or hiding our heads in the sand are just Passports to the end.

It was only by the merest of luck that Trump, Fox, and their followers did not succeed in turning the United States of America into a Third World Dictatorship on January 6, 2021... Furthermore, because the vast majority of International Standards are linked to the USA, the whole World would have been plunged into Military, Monetary, and Energy Crises which would have sparked unrest and endless Wars.

The VI has no Oil, Gold, Natural Resources, Army or Money Press, but our leaders seem intent on helping UK dig us a hole... Promising Civil Servants salary increases from monies we do not possess is little more than political bribery at the People’s expense... No wonder a UK Governor seeks extraordinary Police Laws that are not locally controlled and may be activated by him, on any excuse of local unrest.

Be very careful, for even a Fool can fool a Fool:

As Election Politics heat up, we turn to graveyards for inspiration – We even resurrected a letter to the Premier from a former UK Minister... Unfortunately, we fail to read, understand or believe in its contents, because it clearly states that there will be no VI Elections unless CoI suggestions were implemented... Since Records fail to show where these requirements were met; then somebody is fooling somebody.

However, when it comes to addressing Facts, there are three main groups of persons, with stragglers in between... Group #1 is fickle and will do things on the spur of the moment or their feelings at the time... Group #2 confuses emotions with reasoning and commits to staying on track, come hell or high water... Group #3 will listen, look and learn, even if ridiculed by all other Groups... Do you know your group?

Think about it – They claim to act in the People’s best interests, and swear that we only escaped UK’s Direct Rule because she was fully satisfied with their New Unity Government... However, they have now dissolved their Unity Government, so are they saying that UK is even happier?... They clearly consider us to be idiots, so they are anxious to bombard us with their versions of political rhetoric and promises.

They will claim that, according to the Constitution, there must be an election, and somebody must run so it may as well be them... This is like a school of fish saying that chum bait is free food and they may as well eat it... Just like us, they tend to overlook the obvious that; ‘free bait hides sharp hook’ and any elections under present conditions are traps for the People and a road to colonialism or de facto slavery.

Rejoicing at our own Downfall:

While we have always been easily fooled, ruled, and misled, the UK has centuries of practice on how to programme us to abuse one another... History is littered with accounts of their ability to feed on our greed as they conditioned us to disrespect ourselves... This makes it quite likely that a long-term strategy was launched when their Governor maliciously transferred our Opposition Leadership from Frazer to Fahie.

In our excitement, we overlooked the Traps and were quick rejoice at Fahie’s downfall, without realising that we could be next... Seems we forgot how the UK got our local Leaders to accept a Prison, Single-lane Bridge, Mental Ward, and refurbished Hospital, and how these Leaders were so annoyed at me for opposing the UK and fighting for a Modern Hospital and Multilane Bridge, they connived to remove me.

Didn’t matter - I never stopped speaking truth to power and since I spoke with you about Wickham’s Cay Palm Grove Shopping Centre, there has been some activity at the site, but we do not know by whom or for what reason... We certainly hope it is the long overdue ‘build back measure’ for the VI owners, but we fear that this may be just another step by the Government, in giving away the Lands of the People.

We remain our own worst enemy as we bask in Self-denial... We boast of knowing good from bad and wrong from right, and brag on being far more Intelligent and Educated than our Ancestors – Yet, we take great pride in proving otherwise - We believe in fake Elections, Kings and Queens by birth, Imaginary Friends, delayed Rewards in the Grave, and overdue Fairness and Justice long after we are dead.

This isn’t about us... The UK may be broke and wish to avoid responsibility, but old habits die hard, and whatever she does will be done in her own best interest... Pride will not allow her to turn a blind eye and be seen as a Paper Tiger, nor have her professed acts of kindness be regarded as signs of weakness... Now more than ever, we are in need of Truth for the Youth, because somebody is fooling somebody.

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