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VIP government not about talk and no action

VIP government not about talk and no action

The Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government has not been ‘all talk and no action’ during its time in office, Premier Andrew Fahie has contended.
“I want to say that, just in a closing passing note, that sometimes I get confused when I hear them say that this is a government of talk and no action,” the Premier said while giving remarks at a signing ceremony at the Elmore Stoutt High School recently.

“Because I have to remind myself that yes, sometimes it’s good not to listen. But sometimes it’s also good to respond, because when you don’t respond to certain things it becomes your reality. Never let anyone’s opinion of you become your reality. But, just in case some of you believe them, I’ll just mention a few in passing as I close,” the Premier added.

The Premier’s remarks come in the wake of criticism that his administration is a picture-taking government that is not in touch with the needs of the people.

“Some persons ask why do we do these ceremonies? I ask them why not? Some persons tell me that the government is a picture-taking government, and I ask them why not? Because there are some persons who choose not to be happy, and their intention is to post anything that is not going right. So, since that category is already being taken care of, we will take care of the category of what is going right,” the Premier argued.

“The old adage asks if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, so too it is with a lot of the work that your government has been doing over the past 20 months,” the Premier expressed.

He detailed a number of infrastructure projects that his administration has embarked on and also completed, including repairs and rehabilitation to the Bregado Flax Educational Complex as well as other buildings in Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke as evidence of this action.

The Premier further pointed to a planned modernisation of the BVI’s public service through the public transformation initiative being done jointly with the Governor and Deputy Governor, which he said also includes teachers.

“We have the increment for public officers, including teachers, that is being given right now — and I know most of you will have a much better Christmas as a result. That is not talk; that is action,” the Premier said.

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