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Wheatley sends support to BVI's Lebanese community following major explosion in Middle East

Wheatley sends support to BVI's Lebanese community following major explosion in Middle East

Following this week’s explosion in Beirut, Lebanaon, government legislator Vincent Wheatley has expressed his condolences and support to Lebanese families residing in the British Virgin Islands.

The explosion in the Middle Eastern country left at least 137 people dead and thousands injured.

“Today, wearing not only my hat as a minister but also simply as a BVIslander, I want to extend my deepest sympathies and support to the Lebanese community of the British Virgin Islands,” Wheatley posted on his Facebook page.

He added: “You are our family and our friends. While you stand as some of the most exemplary, generationally tested examples of cultural integration and identity, I know that a piece of our hearts always stays in the land of our forefathers.”

Wheatley said he was rocked when he heard news of the explosion and said he prays the residents here with ties to Lebanon find support within the community in every “imaginable” form.

“Loss of life on this scale can only be described as horrific. My greatest prayer today is that you have all been able to make contact with your loved ones since this tragedy struck. I pray also that, God’s willing, this will be an isolated calamity and that those affected will find healing and peace in time,” he stated.

Approximately $5 billion in damages

According to international media reports, the explosion occurred near Beirut’s port and central district close to many highly-populated areas and tourist sites.

Beirut’s governor Marwan Abboud told reporters that the explosion had resulted in an estimated three to five billion dollars in damage.

Reports further said the explosion created a crater which appears to be roughly 124 meters, or 405 feet, in diameter — well over a football field in length.


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