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Where was your voice when NDP labelled as corrupt? Penn asks

Where was your voice when NDP labelled as corrupt? Penn asks

Much of the government’s debate contributions on the recently passed Integrity in Public Life Act have centred on the ease with which public officials are constantly being labelled as corrupt, without any consequences attached.
But Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has questioned what he suggests is an apparent newfound virtue adopted by the government and its stance of protecting the good name of public officials.

He particularly singled out Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley for his comments that decried the practice of persons wantonly ascribing corruption to public officials.

In his debate contribution, Dr Wheatley said any suggestion that the current government is involved in any acts of corruption should be put to bed.

The Deputy Premier expressed that he was horrified after hearing a speech that the government was using political advisors to put money in their own pockets; calling any such statements reckless and unwarranted.

Meanwhile, Penn said he heard no rebuke coming from Dr Wheatley about certain comments from the now Premier Andrew Fahie that were made on the campaign trail during the last election.

“I recall on the campaign trail in 2019 the member’s own leader went around — all around the BVI, all around the airwaves — saying the last administration was the most corrupt government in the history of corrupt governments in the Virgin Islands,” Penn said.

“Where was your voice when those comments were uttered when you were right there next to the leader?“ Penn asked.

According to the Opposition Leader, the Premier even went as far as retracting those comments during the Commission of Inquiry, insisting now that there is no corruption in the country or in government.

Penn argued that it was politically expedient for those labels to be placed back then on good Virgin Islands citizens and their families and questioned why there has since been no retraction made for Premier Fahie’s claims.

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