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Who is the BVI developing for with all these work permits?

Who is the BVI developing for with all these work permits?

As work permits continue to be handed out in the territory, Immigration and Labour Minister, Vincent Wheatley, has questioned who will be the ultimate beneficiary of the process.

“If we are developing and developing full speed, and all development is done by work permits, who are we really developing this country for?” Minister Wheatley asked recently.

The minister further said locals must be given an opportunity to participate at all levels of development in the community.

He then hailed the government’s Labour-Education Connect initiative as a means to resolving the territory’s labour-related issues.

“Our ambition has always been to localise the workforce as best as we can,” minister Wheatley stated.

He added that any existing skill gaps will be identified and addressed.

“We live in an age where all our problems will not be solved by money,” the minister argued, “some of these problems will be solved by creativity.”

He further called for out-of-the-box thinking, ingenuity and creativity to help resolve some of the labor issues facing the territory.

Immigration issues

The minister conceded that the BVI will continue to face immigration challenges because it is an attractive place to live and work. But, the first term legislator said the territory is also a country of laws and expressed that he will not condone illegal immigrants.

The minister said immigration reform will continue to happen and noted that there is funding allocated to execute the process.


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