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Xmas on DeCastro Street now ‘Christmas in the City’ at new venue

Xmas on DeCastro Street now ‘Christmas in the City’ at new venue

The annual Christmas on DeCastro Street event is taking a detour this year, as the festivities will be moving to the parking lot of the Ralph T O’Neal Administration Complex with an all new name - ‘Christmas in the City’.

This was revealed by City Manager Janice Brathwaite-Edwards who said in a recent feature on JTV News that the event will run from December 4 to 6.

She explained that the recent traffic turnaround in Road Town was the deciding factor in moving the event from the DeCastro Street to its new location.

“It would be impossible for us to lock down the street for three days and have traffic flow on Main Street. We think that would be too much and we’ve kindly asked the Minister of Transportation, Works & Utilities to grant us permission to use the Central Administration parking lot to have Christmas in the City 2020 this year,” she stated.

She added: “We are actually going to be utilising the two front lots and this year Christmas in the City will take on a different kind of view. It’s going to take on the view that we have the Christmas in the City participants participating on one side and then we are trying to encourage the corporate side of the business community to come out and show their wares because we know during COVID that people lost a lot of business and we are trying to encourage them to do and have more business opportunities during the holiday season.”

No Santa bearing gifts this year

The city manager also revealed that there will also be no Santa bearing gifts in this year’s edition of the event. However, she said members will be honouring the late former legislator Delores Christopher in a special way.

Christopher is responsible for creating the yuletide event years ago.

“We are hoping that some of our business corporate people would be giving out giveaways this year. We’re also going to do a tribute to Ms Delores. We’re going to let some biodegradable items fly in her honour because we can’t leave her behind even though she’s gone on cause her legacy will still live on,” the City Manager explained.

Children activities at the forefront

Brathwaite-Edwards further said this year’s event will have a number of youth activities that will include entertainment and opportunities to make money.

She said: “There’s a lot of things that are happening for the kids. We have the RC racing, they should be here racing their cars. I’m sure the kids will be excited about that. And this year, we are trying to extend to what we are calling ‘young entrepreneurs’ — young people who are doing businesses of all sorts. So we’re going to try to showcase them this year.”

She also said that on Sunday, December 6, the event will be including for the first time a brunch sit and paint which will be open for all patrons. Persons interested in registering to book a space can call 284-541-5050.


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